Managing a rental garden

  • Window Shutters | 4 Shutter Materials For Different Windows in Your Home

    19 October 2015

    Window shutters not only add to the visual aesthetics of your home's interiors, but they also provide you with enhanced protection. There are several materials for window shutters, so you have a myriad of choices for every room in your home. This guide is designed to help you identify between the different materials so you can choose what's best for each window in your home. Aluminium Window Shutters Aluminium window shutters usually come with a high-quality, powder-coated finish that can withstand all types of weather elements –– making them an excellent choice for external window applications or when you need adequate privacy for your outdoor rooms.

  • Fibreglass Pools | 4 Nifty Factors That Make Fibreglass Pools Perfect For Your Home

    7 October 2015

    If you're in the market for installing a new swimming pool in your home, then fibreglass pools are excellent choices for their resilience and sturdiness. Starting from $25,000, fibreglass pools are nearly 40 percent cheaper than concrete pools, so budget-conscious homeowners will find them an especially worthwhile solution. Besides affordability, some other nifty factors make fibreglass pools perfect for your home. Fibreglass Pools Are The Best Solutions For Homes With Unstable Soil Conditions

  • Window Shutters | 4 Factors To Consider When Installing Window Shutters

    23 September 2015

    Window shutters are chic substitutes for curtains and blinds and can play a significant role in influencing the form and function of a room. They are easy maintenance solutions that allow you to control the level of sunlight you desire in a room. Window shutters offer you a good deal of versatility, because you can choose between different styles, colours, sizes and materials to match the décor of your room. Here are some factors to consider when installing window shutters.

  • How to Know When Your Double Glazing Fails and Some Common Remedies

    9 September 2015

    Double glazing is an crucial part of the comfort mechanisms of the house through its insulation and acoustic properties. However, because of the exposure to elements and human contact, double glazing suffers faults and damage regularly needing repair or replacement. The most common problems with double glazing are these: Leaks – The double glazing lets in rainfall and other forms of precipitation into the house while leaking heat during cooler months.

  • How to Keep Bugs & Rodents Out of Your Water Garden

    25 August 2015

    Water features are a popular trend, and for home owners they can certainly boost the value and appearance of their garden. But they can also attract rodents and bugs. Here are a few ways to keep unwanted pests from getting into your garden after installing a water feature: Keep fish in your water garden Mosquitoes are a common problem in the warm months and with sitting water; fountains and other water features are often popular places for them to lay their eggs.

  • Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner in Optimum Condition

    14 August 2015

    One of the reasons for having to regularly call in technicians for the appliances in your home is due to negligent maintenance. An air conditioner system is one of the appliances that tends to be overlooked until a problem crops up. Usually by the time it is malfunctioning, the issue has become exacerbated and results in expensive repairs or complete replacement of the unit. To avoid these inconveniences and unnecessarily burning a hole in your wallet, you should embark on regular maintenance checks of your air conditioning system.

  • 3 Multi-Unit Landscaping Designs to Bring in More Tenants

    31 July 2015

    Owning rental property can be taxing to your stress levels, especially if you have recently acquired a building that may be difficult to rent out. One type of building that may be difficult to figure out in terms of curb appeal and landscaping options is a multi unit design like a duplex or triplex. If you have recently acquired one of these buildings, here are a few landscaping designs and improvements you may want to consider in order to attract more tenants.